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    • Stevia Rebaudiana Extract

      Stevia Rebaudiana Extract

      stevia rebaudiana extract is about 200-400 times sweeter than regular sugar. It been used in tabletop sweeteners, in beverages and many foods. Rebaudiana contains almost 0 calorie, and roughly 1-4 grams of carb. Stevia rebaudiana can be used in place of table sugar in your any favorite foods and beverages including: in coffee or tea, in homemade lemonade sprinkled on hot or cold cereal or in your favorite baking recipe.

    • Monk Fruit Extract Powder

      Monk Fruit Extract Powder

      Monk fruit extract mogroside V with different specifications.
      Which ranges from 100-250 times more sweet than traditional sugar.
      Obviously, it is money saving stuff. It is 1005 vegan, gluten free and what is more diabetic friendly and tasteful.
      We provide our powder 100% pure without any chemical additives no junks.

    • Yeast Peptone Fp103 Powder

      Yeast Peptone Fp103 Powder

      Appearance: Light yellow to yellow powder.
      Odour: Typical smell of yeast peptone.

    • Rubusoside From Sweet Tea Extract For Decrease The Blood ...

      Rubusoside From Sweet Tea Extract For Decrease The Blood ...

      Extract Method: Water
      Solubility: 100% Soluble in water
      CAS.NO: 64849-39-4
      M.F.: C32-H50-O13.