Wild growth Yam Extract for menopause/Diosgenine powder

Wild growth Yam Extract for menopause/Diosgenine powder
Product Details

100% Natural 100%Wild growth Yam Extract for menopause/Diosgenine powder


Product Details:
Name : Yam Extract
Latin name : Rhizoma Dioscoreae
Form: powder
Use part: Root
CAS No.: 512-04-9
Appearance: Browne fine powder
Active Ingredient: Diosgenine 6% 12%, 16%, 20%, 98% by HPLC
Package and delivery : By 25 Kg/Fiber Drum, inner by plastic bag or aluminum foil bag, or customized.
Store: in cool and dry places. Keep away from strong light
Shelf Life: 2 years when properly stored.

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wild yam extract breast growth

1. Wild yam is one of the more widely used tonic herbs. It helps to build strong digestion and metabolism.
2. Wild yam is also helps strengthen improve lung function, benefiting the whole body. it is commonly used
in formulations designed to relieve coughing due to weakened lungs.
3. Wild yam has both essence building power and an astringent action that preventing leaking of fluids. it is
widely recommend for the leakage problems, such as spermatorrhea ,leukorrhea and frequent urination. it is
also often used by people suffering night sweats as a result of general weakness or chronic consumptive illness.
Dioscorea will help strengthen the back and kness,Diabetes is a disorder for which Dioscorea is very highly
recommended in Asia.
4. Wild yam is a powerful herb for treating dehydration be it due to an illness,excessive sweating from to physical
activity,due to the weather, or whatever. Dioscorea is a super herb for helping replenish body fluids when taken
as a tea or with sufficient water.
1. It is a remedy used to relieve intestinal colic, to soothe diverticulitis, ease dysmenorrhoea and ovarian and uterine pains.
2. It is also used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, especially the acute phase where there is intense inflammation.
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