IP6 inositol,Finest quality skin care Phytic acid

IP6 inositol,Finest quality skin care Phytic acid
Product Details

IP6 inositol,Finest quality skin care Phytic acid


Product Details:
Name : Phytic acid
CAS No.: 83-86-3
Molecular Formula: C6H18O24P6
Appearance:  light yellow powder
PackAge: 25kg/ drum 1kg/bag or 10mg/ drum
Purity: 99%
Storage: store in cool, dry, Storage Temp: 2-8°C
Moisture Content: ≤1.0%


1. phytic acid in the form of phytic acid calcium, magnesium, potassium exist widely in plant seeds inside,
also have red cells exist in animals, can promote the release of oxygen in oxyhemoglobin, improve the function
of red blood cells, extend the survival period of red blood cells.
2. phytic acid is beneficial to the human body nourishment, phytic acid hydrolysis in the body of the product for
muscle and phospholipids, anti-aging effects of the former, the latter is an important part of human cells.
3. most phytic acid to metal ions have a strong complexation ability, with EDTA complexometric force are similar,
but the due value and is wider than that of EDTA. Phytic acid precipitation of bivalent metal salt above qualitative.
4. each phytic acid molecules can provide six hydrogen atoms make electronic form stable structure of free radicals,
instead of being fresh molecules as for oxygen content, avoid being fresh content the oxidation.
5. phytic acid has good electrical conductivity.

1. Food Ingredients :   
for milk food, meat food, baking food, wheat flour food, seasoning food, etc.
2. Medicine Grade:
health food, filler, pharmaceutical raw materials, etc.
3. Industrial manufacturing:   
oil industry, manufacturing industry, agricultural products, battery, precision castings, etc.
4. Tobacco products:         
glycerol can be substituted for tobacco flavoring, anti-freezing moisturizing factor.
5. Cosmetic Ingredients :   
facial cleanser, hairdressing frost, make up water, shampoo, facial mask, etc.
6. Feed Grade :
pet cans, animal feed, aquatic feed, vitamins, feed, veterinary drug products

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