Pure vitamin C/best supplement of powdered Vitamin C|vitamin c antioxidant|vitamin c powder

Pure vitamin C/best supplement of powdered Vitamin C|vitamin c antioxidant|vitamin c powder
Product Details

Pure vitamin C/best supplement of powdered Vitamin C
vitamin c antioxidant/vitamin c powder


Product Details:
Name : Vitamin C
CAS NO.: 50-81-7
Appearance: white or light yellow particle
PackAge: 25kg/ drum 1kg/bag
Purity: 99%
Storage: store in cool, dry


1.Ascorbic Acid can reduce blood cholesterol levels.
2.Ascorbic Acid can enhance immunity.
3.Ascorbic Acid can increase the elasticity of capillaries.
4.Ascorbic Acid can promote healing of wound.
5.Ascorbic Acid can prevent and treat the cold.
6.Ascorbic Acid can promote the growth and development.
7.Ascorbic Acid can prevent and treat the chronic mercury, lead and other metals poisoning.
8.Ascorbic Acid can prevent caducity and cancer etc.

vitamin c


Nutritional supplements; anti-oxidants; protecting reagent. Control scurvy, alveolar pyorrhea, anemia, 

loss of appetite and so on. Can enhance resistance to infectious diseases. In addition, the still shown 

in the following aspects.

(1)Vitamine C and the Brain Through experiments, found that people's IQ with the blood concentration of 

vitamin C increased rise. Infants lack of vitamin C, can lead to brain dysfunction. Neurons in the brain 

tissue there is a very smallneural tube, and its role is to transport essential nutrients the brain, but 

it is easy to plug and deformation, while the vitamin C, you can change this situation, the full complement 

of vitamin C can improve the permeability channels to promote brain activity and timely and smooth access to 

the necessary nutrients, thereby improving brain function, so that intelligence to improve.

(2)Vitamine C and Immunity Vitamin C can promote the secretion of prostatic fluid and lymph, so that the body 

produces interferon and anti-toxins, which play a role in immune and anti-virus. A lack of vitamin C, the body's 

immune function decline, the decline in control of foreign tissue, especially the Tlymphocytes. Prostaglandin B4 

is capable of regulating the role of T lymphocytes, and its synthesis of vitamin C can not be separated

(3)Vitamine C and Cold U.S. Nobel Dr Bolin indicates that if daily doses of about 1g of vitamin C, can decrease 

the rate of 45% of colds, shorten the course of 60%. Vitamins can also communicate with respiratory and promote 

blood circulation, increase the human body needs oxygen in order to reduce the incidence of colds.

(4) Vitamine C and Fracture Collagen composition of the various amino acids, especially HOP synthesis of amino 

acids must have the involvement of proline hydroxylase, which constitute the main component of this enzyme for 

vitamin C, in the absence of vitamin C, amino acids means that HOP blocked.

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