100%pure acai berry juice powder

100%pure acai berry juice powder
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100%pure acai berry juice powder|Acai berry juice powder


Product Description:
Scientific Name: Euterpe oleracea
Packaging: 25kg plastic bag/25kg drumor as your requested.
Storage: Store in cool dry place,avoid sunlight and high temperature
Acai berries, pronounced "ah-sigh-ee," are indigenous to the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, harvested from the Acai palm tree.  Eight species of Acai palm trees grow in the swamps and floodplains in Central and South America.  Acai Berry Juice Powder is a powerful antioxidant. Although many people drink Acai berry juice, the Acai powder is a much more concentrated version. Day after day , with development of the technology and people needs to the health , organic acai powder becomes much more popular in the beverage .

acai berry juice powder

Applications or Values:
People agree that Acai powder can provide a lot of nutritional benefits such as:
Supporting your immune system
Helping maintain a healthy weight level
Digesting the food you eat more efficiently
Alleviating chronic pains and muscle soreness
Promoting a sounder sleep
Boosting energy levels
Helping suppress appetite and kick-start metabolism
Other Potential Health Benefits
There are plenty of other benefits that you may experience from using Acai berry juice powder,
such as:Increased stamina,Increased libido,Reduced inflammation,More efficient cardiovascular function

Acai Berry Nutrients:
Acai berries contain a variety of nutrients and healthy components, including:
Heart healthy fatty acids
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
12 different flavonoids including resveratrol
Dietary fiber


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