water soluble Instant pure natural blueberry extract powder,blueberry juice powder

water soluble Instant pure natural blueberry extract powder,blueberry juice powder
Product Details

Blueberry juice powder/
water soluble Instant pure natural blueberry extract powder


Product Details: 
Name: Blueberry juice powder
Extracted part : Fruit
Specifications :100% pure & freeze-dried
Appearance: Purple red fine powder
Packaging :25kg plastic bag /25kg drum or as your requested.
Storage:Store in cool dry place,avoid sunlight and high temperature

blueberry juice powder

1. Nutritional value: Blueberry fruit in addition to regular sugar, acid and vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A,
vitamin B,superoxide dismutase (SOD), arbutin, protein, anthocyanin, dietary fiber and rich in potassium ,
iron, zinc, calcium and mineral elements. With rich of nutrients, such as : high zinc, calcium, high iron,
high copper, vitamin nutritional fruit. It not only has good nutrition and health, but also has to prevent
brain aging, cardiac, cancer soften blood vessels, enhance the human immune functions. With all nutritional
values mentioned above , blueberry powder becomes a kind of popular beverage ingredients .

2. Other values :Nowadays, it becomes an ingredient in many dishes and snacks. 

Many baked goods will add artificial blueberry flavor, in fact, contain real blueberries ingredients.
Blueberry jam is made blueberry jam, sugar, water and pectin thereof. Packaging jam usually contain chemical preservatives such as citric acid.
Blueberries, especially wild species, contain antioxidants, can reduce the chance of cancer.
Especially in deterioration of brain functions is strongly influenced related diseases including Alzheimer's disease researcher at Rutgers University in the United States also shows blueberries may be able to prevent urinary tract infections.


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