Natural pigment Turmeric Root extract

Natural pigment Turmeric Root extract
Product Details

Natural pigment Turmeric Root extract

Product Details:
Name : Curcumin P.E
CAS Number: 458-37-7
Assay Method : HPLC
Appearance : Bright yellow-orange powder
Herb Source:Curcuma longa L.
Valid period: 24 months with original packing under 18℃  if store properly
Packaging: 1kg, 5kg, 10kg aluminum foil vacuum bag; or 20kg,25kgFiber Drum or as your requested.
Storage: Store in cool dry place,avoid sunlight and high temperature

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  1. To effect in antituvmorigenesis, restraining proliferation of cancer cell

  2. To effect in antioxidation

  3. To reduce blood fat level, lower the cholesterol and neutral fat content in blood and prevent fat accumulating in body

  4. To effect Anti-inflammation and adjust immunization system

  5. To prevent senile dementia  

  6. To prevent osteoporosis during menopause

  7. To act as good colorant, food preservative and flavoring agent with sharp taste


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