Konjac Glucomannan Powder

Konjac Glucomannan Powder

Other Name: Konjac Flour, Konjac Powder, Konjac Gum Powder
Type: Konjac Extract
CAS No.: 37220-17-0
EINECS No.: 253-404-6

Product Details

Product Name: Konjac Glucomannan Powder

Other Name: Konjac Flour, Konjac Powder, Konjac Gum Powder201806261451328741315.JPG

Type: Konjac Extract

CAS No.: 37220-17-0

EINECS No.: 253-404-6

Appearance: White powder

Solubility: 100% water soluble

Specification: Glucomannan 80%, 85%, 90%, 95%

Viscosity: 23,000~36,000mPa.s

Mesh: 40~120 mesh

Grade: Cosmetic Grade, Food Grade, Pharmaceutical Grade

Main Function: Thickener, Stabilizer

Main Application: Food additive, Health-care Products

Free sample: 50g



Konjac is a plant that is found in China, Japan and Indonesia. The plant is part of the genus Amorphophallus. it is a kind of perennial herbage plant with low energy, low protein, and high dietary fiber. Typically, it thrives in the warmer regions of Asia.

Konjac Extract Glucomannan Powder is extracted from konjac with white in physical appearance with no odor. Konjac Glucomannan Powder has high viscosity and transparency and can be quickly dissolved. Konjac Extract Glucomannan is a fiber-like substance traditionally used in food recipes, but now it is utilized as an alternative means of weight loss. It contains more than ten kinds of amino acid required by the human body, microelement and unsaturated fatty acid, it is effective in tumor resisting, blood pressure descending, blood sugar descending and weight losing. It is widely used in food, medicine, chemical engineering fields, etc.



1. Glucomannan Powder has the effect on prevention and treatment of diabetes.

2. Glucomannan Powder can prevent and reduce the incidence of intestinal system disease.

3. Glucomannan Powder can reduce the residence time of the harmful substances in the gastrointestinal, gall-Hsiang, and effectively protect the gastric mucosa, clean the stomach wall.

4. Glucomannan Powder can inhibit cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, by lowering blood sugar, dilation of blood vessels, to prevent atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases.

5. Glucomannan Powder can control appetite and reduces body weight.



1. Application in the food industry: Making the gelling food, used as the food thickening agent and adherence agent such as the jelly, ice cream, gruel, meat, flour food, solid drink, jam etc;

2. Application in the healthcare industry: Modulate the metabolism of lipid, decline the serum triglyceride and cholesterol, improve sugar resistance and prevent diabetes, relieve constipation and prevent intestines cancer, produce no energy and prevent the fatness, modulate the immunity function;

3. Application in the chemical industry:Because the Konjac glucomannan average molecular weight of 200,000 up to 2,000,000 is so big, the viscidity is high, and the fluidity is good, it has been applied to the chemical industries such as petroleum, the dye printing cataplasm, the Terra film, the diaper, the medicine capsule and so on.