10 remarkable Health Benefits of Inulin Fiber you need to know

- Oct 11, 2018-

Inulin is kind of fiber been found in plants which is made up of the simple sugar fructose. Literally,people are easy confused with insulin, whic is a hormone that in charge of blood sugar levels.Fibers are compounds that are not digested or absorbed by the human gut.Soluble fibers attract water and turn to gel during digestion.

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Studay shows that inulin exists in almost 3600 kinds of plants, including foods and vegetables we consumer in our daily diets such as wheat, onion, bananas, garlic and asparagus.Also they are also found in less common foods Jerusale Artichokes and chicory.

Why plants containing so many inulin? simply because, inulin plays a vital role in cold against, when suffering the cold temperatures inulin acts as an antifreeze. 

Inulin is made up of a string of fructose molecules (like beads on a string) with a glucose on either end. However, these molecules are linked in the chain by links that are not digestible by the human gut. Therefore, they move slower in the gut, absorb water and swell up like a gel which helps in forming softer stools. This makes them great for digestive health.

How does inulin work?

Inulin's solubility akkows it to absorb a lot of water. As it swells up it forms a get that gathers fat particles along with the way and takes them out of blood.what is more, inulin increases the number of bebeficial bacterial in your gut by acting as their food source.

Remarkable benefits of Inulin

1.Inulin Is a Prebiotic That Increases Good Bacteria

 Inulin acts as prebiotic by being a non-digestible food ingredient that feeds good bacteria in the gut .Inulin is basically food for bifidobacteria and stimulates their growth and activity. Good bacteria have a number of important functions in our bodies.

inulin improves gut health in humans by stimulating the growth of beneficial bifidobacteria.

2.Inulin Reduces Constipation 

Due to its ability to swell up after absorbing water, inulin is very effective in reducing constipation. A study (DB-RCT) was conducted in which 17 constipated children, 2-5 years of age, were given inulin and their stool consistency was monitored. Children who took these inulin-type fructans had softer stools

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3.Inulin Helps Reduce Appetite and Prevent Weight Gain

Inulin, when added to low-calorie foods, may be an effective way to suppress appetite and control food intake

4.Inulin May Increase Weight Loss

5.Inulin May Reduce Blood Sugar Levels in Type 2 Diabetics.

6.Inulin Reduces Cholesterol and Improves Heart Health

7.Inulin May Prevent Colon Cancer Development.

8.Inulin May Help Manage Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

9.Inulin Increases Calcium and Magnesium Absorption.

  inulin causes the production of short-chain fatty acids which reduce the pH in the large intestine. This increases the solubility of calcium and magnesium, and they become more available for absorption.

10.Inulin May Improve Bone Health.

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