Are the 'natural' sweeteners you choose to be truly natural?

       In daily life, we often hear the voice of encouraging less sugar, from all aspects of modern life, this voice really should arouse

 people's attention and thinking. In fact, most people like sweets, so what material can replace sugar to make the food sweet 

this topic is particularly important for everyone.

       The emergence of "natural" sweeteners ignites the "light of hope" for those who aspire to buy the ideal sugar substitute

 products, but when it is observed that some of the so-called "natural" and "sucrose-free" Truly natural and non-sucrose,

 they are just a word game. Therefore, when we buy sugar-free food, we must not be said on the packaging such as

 "sugar-free" and other words fooled, not because they are placed in the health food shelves to make your judgments are


       So, how should we rationally judge the choice?

       First, it is important to carefully examine the ingredients in the food label. In most cases, it is a known fact that refined sugars

 such as sucrose should be avoided. So, as long as the food is not sucrose is the real sugar-free food yet? Things are not

 that simple. If you think it is better to replace sucrose with coconut sugar, coconut sugar, fructose, brown rice syrup, sucralose

, or maple syrup, then you're wrong! In fact, these substances are not sucrose also contains heat, some of the substitutes on

 human health even worse than the sugar.

         Similarly, we must avoid the choice of artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame, sodium cyclamate and high fructose corn

 syrup, etc., which are extracted through the chemical synthesis, natural health analysis as long as the rational conclusion

 can be drawn.

         It is desirable to include a natural sweetener formulated with a plant extract (eg, Mangosteen extract), and to indicate that 

it contains no sucrose and no chemical sweeteners, and that compliance with these requirements Known as the real pure

 natural sweeteners.

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