Curcumin extract


Curcumin is extracted from curcuma rhizome, it is a yellow pigment, main ingredients is curcumin, which is about 3%~6% of turmeric. It is rare plant kingdom pigment with diketone, into two ketone compounds. Curcumin can be regarded as a kind of drug, but at the same time, it is extracted from a plant or food natural material, so also can be regarded as a kind of food. Currently curcumin that consumers buy is belong to dietary supplement. So from the perspective of food and drug administration, curcumin that we buy is belong to food, rather than drugs.


Clinical application: 

Natural pigmentPharmacy; Health care products; Food additives


Curcumin Turmeric pharmacological effects:

1. Anti-inflammatory effects;

2. Anti-cancer effects;

3. Antioxidant effect;

4. The nervous system protection against alzheimer's disease and autism in children.

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