Effective botanical extract in cosmetics-part1


Plant as the main source and foundation of cosmetics raw material, botanical extract application is increasing. Extracts from plant are divided into "whole" and "selective extract", applying the extract mainly based on the traditional use of plants, the application of selective extract more because of its special activity. Despite the plant extraction method, plants and the ratio of solvent and active ingredient content and its color, smell, transparency, stability and change with the time factors such as restriction, the natural plant extracts molecular still has important significance for cosmetic improvements.


Aloe extract stimulating collagen and elastic fibers synthetic reversing degeneration of the skin. Because aloe water content is high, and contains minerals, have skin, cool and refreshing and lock water moisturizing effect. Therefore, it can be used for commercial beauty AIDS and sunscreen. In recent years found that aloe vera can also soften callus and blister swelled.


Cucumber extracts and lemon extracts are prepared for the necessary part when excessive pigment AD cool-headed cosmetics, both mutual interference, and enhance the effect of bright skin. Research shows that cucumber contains antioxidant enzymes and superoxide dismutase (sod), peroxidase in fresh cucumber I strongest in the active skin, followed by cucumber, is yellow melon dept organization again.


Chamomile extracts, celery glycosides of flavonoid compounds and its glycoside has anti-inflammatory, erythema and relieving itching. Local application can relieve itching and accelerate skin healing. Chamomile extracts are often used to make cream, lotion and inhalant. Chamomile extract, chamomile essential oil with anti-inflammatory activity, often used in the treatment of skin and mucous membrane inflammation, eczema, and as the antipruritic additives, etc. Chamomile extracts of alpha bisabolol (left circular heptene alcohol) and the chrysanthemum can inhibit leukotriene synthesis, thus has anti-inflammatory activity, antioxidant effect.

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