fruit enzyme


natural plant materials, second fermentation, much easier to absorb.

What is fruit enzyme?


there are almost near 2~3 thousand enzymes in our body, each enzyme place a special role in the metabolism and biochemical reaction.


What we benefits from plant enzymes:

hydrolyze the food residue in intestines and stomach

promote the cellular regeneration

diminish inflammation and kill the pathogen

purify the blood

clear the free radical 

slow the speed of aging

weight loss


natural plant materials, second fermentation, much easier to absorbnnatural precious plant enzymes take fruit, vegetables, edible flowers,leaves and traditional chinese nutritional herbs as raw materials, by first and second deep fermentation in a period of 1-2years, finally get a complex plant enzymes, which satisfied to people is daily need for protein, polypeptide, amino acid, vitamin, polysaccharide and microelements.


raw materials and ingredients fruit, vegetables, edible flowers and leaves , traditional chinese nutritional herbs stevia rebaudianum, thruffle, lingzhi, phellinus igniarius, oligosaccharides, news of antrodia camphorata.this product doesn't contain any chemicals or antiseptics.


Storage and shelf life:

keep in cool and dry container, be away from direct strong light and heat.

shelf life: 3 years