How to choice sugar substitutes for the diabetic patients?

- Jun 20, 2019-

A universal acknowledgements that Type II diabetes is an incurable disease. It is based on a decrease in insulin synthesis or immunity of body cells to insulin. As a result, the blood contains excess sugar, which is not absorbed by the cells, and the body is experiencing true energy starvation.

So far the primary and mandatory method to treat tyoe 2 diabets is diet therapy. It means forcing a substitute for refined carbohydrates in foofs with sugar substitutes. At the same time,the sugar substitute should be:


Have a pleasant sweet taste;

Resistant to cooking;

soluble in water;

Do not affect the metabolism of carbohydrates;

stevia extract from Shaanxi Ming Chemical Technology Co.,Ltd.

Natural plant sweetener - Stevia fully meets all these high requirements. This grass tastes sweet. Information about the benefits and healing capabilities of stevia is rapidly diverging throughout the world. In Japan, this grass was declared a state property. The Japanese are the longest-lived people on the planet and have long used this sugar substitute. 

Stevia, It is grown in China and the United States at our latitudes - Ukraine. Stevia is extracted from the plant and its taste is 300 times sweeter than usual sucrose. Stevia is added as a sugar substitute to the powder in tea, coffee, and candied fruit in the form of leaves. Stevia powder is not a sugar, but part of many food formulations, it is also used for food preservation.

Stevia as a plant material contains a large amount of dietary fiber and is not decomposed by food enzymes. These fibers significantly reduce appetite and therefore help to lose weight, and diabetics are well tolerant of these fibers. Dietary fiber inhibits the absorption of fat in the intestine, inhibits the production of intestinal hormones, greatly reduces the demand for insulin, reduces the digestion of dietary energy, and provides a feeling of fullness.

Obiviously, stevia exytact significantly incresses the duration and quality of life of diabetis patients. 

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