Is Monk Fruit Extract A Good Sweetener Alternative? Why?

- Jul 18, 2018-

Is Monk Fruit Extract A Good Sweetener Alternative? Why?

As a diabetic, you really want to monitor your carbohydrate intake because the more of carbs you eat has the biggest influence on blood sugar and A1c levels.

But how can you get rid of sugar or namely calorie, carbs from you daily life. You might heard about the monk fruit extract can rally do you a favor about this burden from sugar. To figure this problem out firstly let us check some facts about monk fruit extract.


What is monk fruit extract and it’s nutrition facts?AN82-Woman-pouring-sugar-732x549-Thumb.jpgShaanxiMingchemical

Monk fruit is a small melon that naturally grows in Asian regions like southern China and northern Thailand. The extract from this fruit is very sweet and it's been used in Chinese households for thousands of years. Monk fruit also plays a very important role in traditional Chinese medicine for soothing sore throats and relieving the common cold. However, monk fruit can be easily spoil so you may find most of monk fruit extract is formed with powder or liquid .

Amazingly, monk fruit extract is 300 to 400 times sweeter than cane sugar (white sugar) so a little can go a long way! A typical serving size for the powered extract is 1/8 teaspoon and that tiny amount is more than enough to sweeten drinks, desserts, and smoothies. Monk fruit contains no calories, fats, protein, or crabs.

And the active ingredients of monk fruit is mogrosides, Studies have shown that the mogrosides found in monk fruit extract also have a “cooling effect” that is anti-inflammatory within the body. These anti-inflammatory effects may further improve  diabetes and reduce risk of developing cancer or other chronic diseases.

From all above, the monk fruit can be a smart choice for diabetes. Simply because that can help you reduce or even control your carbohydrate intake and reducing carbs can be a very long term work.

Noticed, this article is only for information application, we cannot make sure  the monk fruit extract can 100% control your condition of diabetes please do make some consulting before you are going to take this.

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