Stevia extract for Type 2 diabetes

- Nov 15, 2018-

Type 2 diabetes mellitus is an incurable disease. It is based on a decrease in the synthesis of insulin or the immunity of the cells of the body to insulin. As a result, when there is an excess of sugar in the blood, it is not absorbed by the cells, and the body experiences a real energy hunger.

The main and mandatory method of treatment of diabetes mellitus type II is diet therapy. It implies the obligatory replacement of refined carbohydrates of food with sugar substitutes. In this case, sweeteners should be:


Have a pleasant sweet taste;

Resistant to cooking;

Well soluble in water;

Do not affect the carbohydrate metabolism;

All these high requirements are fully met by the natural plant sweetener - stevia. This sweet-tasting herb. Information about the benefits and healing power of stevia is rapidly diverging around the world. In Japan, this grass is declared property of the nation. The Japanese, the longest-lived people on the planet, have been using this sugar substitute for a long time. In the former USSR, this grass was served on the table of the party elite ...

The most popular in the culture of stevia honey from South America. It is cultivated in China and the USA. Stevioside is extracted from this plant, which tastes 300 times sweeter than the usual sucrose. Stevia as a sugar substitute is added in the form of leaves pounded into powder in tea, coffee, compote. Instead of sugar, steviiv powder is a part of many food recipes, it is also used in food preservation.

Stevia as a plant raw material contains a large amount of dietary fiber, which is not broken down by food enzymes. These fibers significantly reduce appetite, and therefore contribute to weight loss, they are also well tolerated by diabetics. Dietary fibers inhibit the absorption of fats in the intestines, inhibit the production of intestinal hormones, significantly reduce the need for insulin, reduce the digestion of dietary energy, provide a full sense of fullness.

Stevia significantly increases the duration and quality of life of patients with diabetes.

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