The Application of pineapple proteinase in the Medicine and Health Care Products

The Application of  pineapple proteinase  in the Medicine and Health Care Products


  Inhibit the Growth of Tumor Cells : According to the relevant clinical studies suggest that bromelain can inhibit the growth of tumor cells.

The Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease and Treatment:Pineapple proteinase as proteolytic enzymes can be beneficial to the cardiovascular disease prevention.It can inhibit platelet aggregation in cause of heart attacks and strokes, alleviate symptoms of angina pectoris, moderate arterial constriction, accelerate the decomposition of fibrinogen.

 The Application of  Burn Off Scabs: Pineapple protease can selectively, which can make skin transplantation was conducted as early as possible. Animal experiments show that the bromelain to adjacent normal skin without adverse effects.Local antibiotics do not affect the function of bromelain.

 The Function of Anti-inflammatory: Pineapple proteinase in various organizations can effectively treat inflammation and edema (including the thrombotic phlebitis, skeletal muscle injury, hematoma, stomatitis, diabetic ulcers and sports injury), bromelain has great potential to activate inflammatory response.Bromelain also can cure diarrhea.

   The Function of Improve Drug Absorption: Pineapple proteinase and all kinds of antibiotics (such as tetracycline, amoxicillin) combination, can improve the curative effect. Research shows that it can promote the antibiotics in parts of the transmission of infection, thereby reducing the dose of antibiotics.Deduced that for anti-cancer drug, has a similar effect.In addition, pineapple proteinase can promote the absorption of nutrien.


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