The Applications of Pineapple Proteinase in Food Processing

                                      The Applications of Pineapple Proteinase in Food Processing 

1, Baked goods, adding bromelain in the dough,which can make the gluten degradation, dough will be easily to process after softening. It also can improve the taste quality of biscuits and bread .

2, Cheese: used for coagulation of casein.

3, Meat Tenderizer: The pineapple proteinase make the macromolecular of meat protein become small molecules of amino acids and proteins and easy to absorption, which can be widely used in the meat products processing.

4, Pineapple Proteinase Used in Other Food Processing: the application of bromelain has been used to increase the bean cake and soybean meal of PDI and NSI value, so as to produce soluble protein products and breakfast, cereal and drinks containing flour.

There are other production dehydrated legumes, baby food and margarine;

Clarified apple juice;Manufacturing jelly;

Provide the patient with digestible food;

To daily food taste, etc.

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