The market for sugar substitutes is projected to reach USD 16.53 Billion by 2020

- Jul 11, 2018-

   With the increasing standard of people’s life style. More and more people start focus on healthy, they live as health-oriented.

   Modern consumers are more health-conscious and prefer healthy, but low-caloric food products. Regular sugar which is high in calories is being replaced by a vast array of sugar substitutes in the food & beverage industry.

  It is reported that the market of sugar substitutes is projected to reach USD 16.53 Billion by the year 2020.When it comes to the sugar replacement or sugar substitutes we may come across to our mind of Xylitol, stevia or even monk fruit extract namely mogroside V.201806261516096615708.jpg

  Monk fruit extract  as a new sugar replacement been in the sugar market strictly in the year 2012 approved by US FDA. The ingredient morgroside V is almost 120-300 times sweet as traditional sugar, it is natural, low caloric, zero real suagr, zero hot and 100% vegan.

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