What is inulin and why you need it?

- Jul 16, 2018-

Inulin is a type of carbohydrate known as a fructan, which is made up of chains of fructose molecules. It exists in many plant such as Agave, Jerusalem artichoke, Asparagus even garlic .


This naturally occurring carbohydrate is also a form of soluble fiber, which means it dissolves in water and forms a gelatinous substance that moves through the body undigested, promoting fullness and satiety and adding bulk to your stool, which can keep you regular.

Insoluble fiber, on the other hand, is found in things like the seeds and skin of fruits and vegetables. And unlike soluble fiber, it doesn’t absorb water, but instead moves through your gastrointestinal (GI) tract undigested.


Apparently, inulin is a kind of smart good source fiber which can added to your baking flour, and make you regular and help control your blood.


We Shaanxi Ming Chemical Technology Co.,Ltd mainly provide inulin derived from Jerusalem artichoke with the form of fine white powder.


Substitute for sugar, fat, & flourInulin from Shaanxi Ming Chemical Technologgy jpg.jpg


High in fiber, low in calories


Help control blood sugar levels


Aids in digestive health & curb appetite


Added to probiotics to boost effects


It can be used in Cereal, Nutrition Bars, Food Additives and Meal replacements.


The difference between inulin and FOS


Even though the terms “inulin” and “FOS” are often used interchangeably or lumped together, there is a difference between the two. Some people quite confused about this two products, even someone said thesw two are the same one, obviously it sounds little bit ridiculous.


Technically, the real difference between inulin and FOS is their chain length. As the name suggests, FOS are a type of oligosaccharide whereas inulin is a type of polysaccharide. Polysaccharides are longer chains, composed of ten or more molecules. Oligosaccharides are shorter, made up of more than two molecules, but less than 10.


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