Drink Chinese Tea Had A Healthy Life

A leaf into one side of the people emotions. Tea is a famous health drink in southern China. Tea is a famous health drink. It is the contribution of the Chinese people in the south of China to the Chinese food culture. It is also the contribution of the Chinese people to the world's food culture. Tea and cocoa, coffee and said the world's three non-alcoholic beverages, the world's top three drinks. Regardless of domestic and foreign daily countless people will drink tea.

China's tea industry is entrusted to the urban and rural residents yearning for a healthy life, carrying the poor mountain farmers hope to get rid of poverty. Although the first China International Tea Expo has already come to an end, but how to do strong tea industry, still become experts, businesses and tea farmers a common topic.

The most beautiful tea in China

As the origin of tea, China's tea production has an unparalleled advantage. Last year, China's tea garden area of 4300 mu, the output of more than 2.4 million tons, accounting for 60% and 42% of the world, are ranked first in the world. From the category point of view, China's production of tea varieties is the world's most complete. "Green tea, black tea, black tea, oolong tea, black tea and white tea, the world's six major tea in China have, and after the four categories of tea is unique in our country." At the same time, comprehensive utilization of tea has also made progress, tea extract , Ultra-fine tea powder, tea drinks and other derivative products rich, showing a strong momentum of development.

And tea industry development accompanied by the rise of tea culture is the rise. In recent years, tea culture organization, tea museum, tea museum have established, tea party, tea, tea and other forms of tea activities, colorful activities for the sustainable development of tea industry into the vitality. With the rise of the Internet, tea consumption has gradually entered the younger generation of life. According to Alibaba and other business platform statistics, tea electric business volume of tens of billions of dollars.

Tea Expo is the tea tea where the tea is to share the new concept of tea industry development. Deep processing of tea has become the main producing areas of the next wrestling direction. In particular, tea booths, tea clothes, tea cake, tea mosquito coils and other products to attract the eye.

In the current tea Expo, the Ministry of Agriculture led the establishment of the China Tea Industry Alliance, the joint 157 large-scale tea enterprise groups and scientific research units, will join the technical innovation, create brand, Gongtuo market, leading the Chinese tea industry. "Chinese tea association vice president Liu Zhonghua that let the world drink Chinese tea, by the green tea thriving, turned to multi-category go hand in hand.

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