Green Health For The Mainstream, The New Standard For The Release Of Plants,

In recent years, plant extracts industry has developed rapidly, accounting for half of China's exports of traditional Chinese medicine products. From the export products, exports among the top ten varieties, food use products accounted for more and more. From the export market, the European market, a larger increase in exports, 2016 to 3.44%. China Medicines and Health Products Import and Export Chamber of Commerce issued a new edition of "International Standard for Plant Extracts", which is the third batch of standards issued by the Medicare Chamber since the beginning of the drafting in 2001. The third batch of the standard issued a total of 12, including white willow peel extract, Polygonum cuspidatum, Ganoderma lucidum extract (water extract), green coffee bean extract, stevia extract, Mangosteen extract (Mogroside V25 (5% chlorogenic acid), honeysuckle extract (25% chlorogenic acid), seaweed extract (algae yellow), betel nut polysaccharide, honeysuckle extract (5% chlorogenic acid), honeysuckle extract Chlorogenic acid.

According to the Medicare Chamber of Commerce staff, 2017 edition of "Plant Extract International Business Standard Set", summed up all the previous plant extracts standards, and has the following three highlights: First, professional, the development process with reference to the 2015 edition of "Chinese Pharmacopoeia "Plant extracts and the United States Pharmacopoeia dietary supplements. Second, the whole, through the convening of standards to establish a meeting to determine the principle of unified preparation, the formation of a common standard general rules. Third, the strongest team of experts, and the Chinese food and drug testing Institute and other core research institutes and the United States Pharmacopoeia institutions to carry out the relevant cooperation.

Quality control will be the development trend of the plant extract industry. With the continuous improvement of the standard, the future, green, healthy plant extracts will become the mainstream of consumption.

"Plant Extract International Business Standards" release, has aroused widespread concern at home and abroad counterparts. Yu Zhibin introduction, the US Pharmacopoeia is considering part of the business standards included in the US standard system. At the same time, the Medicare Chamber has also initiated cooperation with the US Pharmacopoeia institutions, select the standards recognized by both sides, together form a "Sino-US plant ingredients standard set", through bilateral negotiations, Sino-US cooperation in the realization of common standards for plant products. It is understood that, in order to help the development of China's plant extract industry, more plant extracts into the standard, the formation of the world's unique plant extract standard system, the current Medicare Chamber has started the fourth batch of plant extracts standard project work, a new Batch standard will be in the strict progress, taking into account the industry and the standard scientific principles, the project 25 varieties. Yu Zhibin said the Medicare Chamber expects to have more companies involved in the development of international standards for plant extracts.

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