How To Use Monk Fruit Extract As A Sweetener?

- Aug 18, 2018-


Monk fruit as a sweetener which comes from the extract. With it’s excellent sweet and zero calories characteristics monk fruit extract is been widely used in food, bakery and pharmaceuticals. Monk fruit extract makes a great substitute for sugar, However, many people quite confused how monk fruit sugar affects weight or conditions like diabetes.


Here is some tips for you using monk fruit extract sweetenerin daily life.

1. Sweetening Foods.

Substitute for sugar with monk fruit extract when baking, Monk fruit sweetener from monk fruit can make a good substitute for sugar in baked stuffs, Which contains no calories and sugar. Just using half as much as monk fruit sugar as your traditional sugar since monk fruit sugar is 120-300 times sweet as sugar.

2. Monk fruit sugar in sauces and dressing.  

If you want to making sauces and dressings will sweeten sauces and dressings without adding extract sugar and calories.

3. Making your Beverages Sweet with monk fruit extract.

Swap out sugar for monk fruit in sweet beverages.

When making sweet beverages, like lemonade or juices, use monk fruit in pace of sugar. This will make sweetened beverages healthier, you may suffer less calories and sugar.

4. Sweeten your coffee and tea with monk fruit extract sugar.

If you want to sweeten a cup of coffee or tea, skip the sugar , instead, add a splash of monk fruit extract. You even do not need to add any sugar at all.


Be noticed: check the label carefully when you purchase monk fruit extract make sure there is no extra additives added such as maltodextrin or dextrose, you should purchase pure monk fruit extract.


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