New Tendency Of Plant Materials In 2017

US organic food supermarket Whole Foods Market has announced a 2017 food industry trends in the product forecast. The list predicts eight product categories that may be popular in 2017, including plant health products, coconut products, purple food, various by-products, innovative spices, alternative spaghetti, microwave fast food, traditional Japanese food.

As a substitute for drugs, plant health products with its green natural health benefits by both consumers sought after, and plant extracts industry has become a meat and potatoes. According to the China Medical and Health Products Import and Export Chamber of Commerce statistics show that in 2012 plant extracts exports 1.164 billion US dollars, up 3.11%; 2013 exports of 1.412 billion US dollars, up 21.30%; 2014 exports of 1.777 billion US $, an increase of 25.88%; 2015 exports of 21.63 billion US dollars extract, an increase of 21.71%. With the rapid development of plant industry, the current plant extracts have more than half of Chinese medicine exports.

Next to the inventory of small series to predict what the focus of the report mentioned several popular plant health products raw materials.

Kava pepper

Kava pepper is a perennial erect shrub medicinal plants, produced in the South Pacific islands, roots and roots of medicine, the effective part of the fat-soluble resin part. In recent years, Kawa pepper is the world's many countries people as food supplements, used to regulate stress, anxiety, depression and other insomnia problems and psychological problems.

In recent years, the world recommended kava pepper as a food supplement. In 1995 Kava pepper became one of the best 20 herbs sold in Germany. But also the United States one of the best-selling 16 kinds of herbs.


Basil leaves are oval-shaped, purple-white flowers, distillation of its leaves and flowers can be transparent colorless essential oils, like the smell of cloves, pine needles of the complex. Is a huge family. Different species of basil for the characteristics or unique aroma and named. Basil's many studies focus on the extraction of perfumes and component analysis. It is mainly used in Italian, French Greek cuisine, in the East Indian and Thai cooking is also often used.


As a natural pigment, curcumin is widely used in confectionery, candy, beverage, intestines and canned food because of its strong coloring property. At present, the existing artificial pigment, the majority of the human body will produce certain hazards, and as a natural pigment curcumin is almost non-toxic harmless, it is gradually replacing the artificial pigment. Medical research shows that curcumin has hypolipidemic, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, gallbladder, antioxidant and so on. New discovery of curcumin helps fight drug-resistant tuberculosis.

Birch velvet

Birch Velvet, alias Inonotus obliquus, is a growth in the birch of medicinal fungi. Mainly in the northern hemisphere latitude 40 ° ~ 50 ° areas, namely, Russia, Siberia, the Far East, North Europe, Japan, Hokkaido, North Korea, Heilongjiang, Heilongjiang, Jilin Changbai Mountain.

The anti - cancer effect of. On a variety of tumor cells have a significant inhibitory effect. Can prevent cancer cell metastasis, relapse, enhance immunity, promote health. And used in conjunction with radiotherapy of patients with malignant tumors, chemotherapy, enhance patient tolerance, reduce side effects.

Indian Ginseng

Indian ginseng, also known as the Indian Ocean winter cherry, belonging to Solanaceae or Solanaceae. This herbal medicine has been widely cultivated outside India in many other parts of the world. It has therapeutic effects on many diseases. It is famous for its anti-tumor, anti-stress, anti-inflammation, anti-oxidation, regulating mood and enhancing immunity.


What is more, with the increase of consumer awareness of food safety and health concerns, health food industry has shown a new trend of development, organic concept, sugar, hot products (probiotics / curcumin, Stevia, Bromelain) will become Health food industry a new development trend, leading the development of the industry, plant industry must be combined with this trend of product development and upgrading, such as in recent years by the consumer health awareness and fear of high sugar fever driven by the dual factors Stevia market Will maintain a compound annual growth rate of up to 8.5%! More natural antioxidants, natural preservatives, dietary fiber and so on are worthy of our attention.



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