Soy Isoflavones In Addition To Preventing Menopause Can Also Prevent Cancer?

1. prevention of women with menopausal syndrome

Decreased estrogen levels are the leading cause of menopausal syndrome in women. Female menopause, estrogen levels decline after ovarian function decline, a series of illnesses, and supplementation of soy isoflavones to regulate estrogen in the body can achieve the effect of prevention of female climacteric syndrome. Domestic and foreign clinical studies have shown that: soy isoflavones can effectively restore ovarian function, improve estrogen levels, prevent menopausal syndrome, and no side effects.

2.add estrogen, beauty, anti-aging.

If the excessive loss of estrogen, will lead to female aging. Edible soy isoflavones to keep the body of estrogen, to ensure that women are young and beautiful, anti-aging. Ovarian is the female endocrine glands, the main secretion of steroid hormones (estrogen, androgen, progesterone) because the body of the body more than 400 parts of the organization and organs to rely on estrogen, estrogen secretion or lack of secretion The structure and function of these organs change. Soy isoflavones can effectively replenish estrogen, improve these symptoms, the effect of soy isoflavones is very obvious.

3. to improve menstrual discomfort, and less menstrual flow

Menstrual discomfort is usually caused by estrogen secretion imbalance, by adding soy isoflavones can maintain estrogen balance in the body, thereby improving menstrual discomfort. Soybean isoflavones can effectively supplement estrogen to stimulate endometrial growth, is conducive to endometrial shedding and bleeding, improve metabolism and ovarian function, promote ovulation, etc., to promote the development of menstrual blood loss, Role, and thus achieve the purpose of recovery of menstruation. prevent cancer

Studies have shown that soy isoflavones can make cancer cells into normal function of human cells, to prevent tumor proliferation and cancer cell proliferation, so as to achieve the effect of cancer prevention.

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