The Given Recipe Solid Drink Start Production

- Aug 22, 2018-

Earlier last week, we have got a solid drink OEM inquiry from Mr Daniel from Hongkong. After few days hard working and discussing, the final decision has been made yesterday. 

We Shaanxi Ming Chemical always devoted ourself to serve clients excellent OEM service, we provide package with your owm logo or private lable. We help you start your own business by wholesare plant extract, super food supplement and natural sweetener such as monk fruit extract, spirulina, wheatgrasspowder etc.

Shall you have any needs of OEM service please feel free contact us, we will always here to offer excelelnty service.

1.     Recipe and ratio:

Wheatgrass 41.5%

Fish Collagen Peptide 95% 41.5%

Green tea extract 8% (Tea polyphenol 50%)

Vitamin C 8%

sweetener 1%

Totally 100% 

Quantity 500 gram

Be noticed: About sweetener, we recommend MONK FRUIT EXTRACT MOGROSIDE V 20% 150 TIME SWEET THAN SUGAR, ZERO CALORIES, 100% VEGAN)

package 1.png

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